Uswap listing BTCTRON, ETHTRON and LTCTRON to use for DeFi farming of UME

Uswap ecosystem on TRON
2 min readNov 27, 2020

Uswap DEX is the first DEFI project on TRON that offers their users the ability to use BTCTRON, ETHTRON and LITCTRON to both trade on the DEX and to farm UME token, a wrapped version of BTC, ETH and LTC is now being supported and brought to us by POLONIEX exchange —


The way to get the wrapped version of BTC, ETH and LTC is to deposit / purchase the coin on Poloniex exchange and simply withdraw the BTC, ETH or LTC to your TRON wallet (recommended to use TRONLINK pro)

When withdrawing BTC, ETH or LTC to your TRONLINK wallet Address the conversion of 1:1 to the wrapped TRC20 token version is automatically done through the Poloniex Multi-wallet on the Exchange

  1. Deposit BTC, ETH or LTC (or buy them on poloniex)
  2. Withdraw the asset to your TRONLINK wallet address
  3. Confirm withdrawal

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The asset will shortly appear in your TRON wallet and you can now utilise ETH as a TRC20 version for DEFI services such as Yield farming of UME token through providing liquidity to USWAP DEX.

UME contract address

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  • Read more about this in our previous article

  • To join the USWAP & UME official group chat on telegram click on the image below -



Uswap ecosystem on TRON

What Is the Uswap ecosystem? USWAP is a decentralized exchange (AMM) on TRON, an IDO launchpad, a NFT marketplace and yield-farming of the governance token UME