How to provide liquidity to Uswap DEX on TRON!

Uswap ecosystem on TRON
2 min readNov 10, 2020

Get started with Uswap, provide liquidity and earn profits from the swap 0.3% swap fees and farm UME and EFT with our step by step tutorial already today!

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To earn swap fees and farm UME and EFT you need to provide liquidity to Uswap DEX!

How to add liquidity to USWAP?

Choose “Liquidity” at the top menu and click “Add Liquidity”, or choose the liquidity you have already added from Liquidity ->Your Liquidity and click on “Add”.

2.Choose two tokens you want to add liquidity to (one of them should be TRX) and enter the number of funds you want to add, then click “Supply”.

Note: When you enter the amount of a token, the platform will calculate the corresponding amount of the other token based on the relative price of the token pair in that pool.

3.Click “ Confirm to supply” in the confirmation window

4.Confirm the use of tokens from the wallet by clicking “Accept”.

5. Adding liquidity requires confirmation from your wallet. Please click “Accept” in the “Request Signature” pop-up window

6. Liquidity is successfully added when the upper right of the page shows “Supply success” after a few seconds.

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Uswap ecosystem on TRON

What Is the Uswap ecosystem? USWAP is a decentralized exchange (AMM) on TRON, an IDO launchpad, a NFT marketplace and yield-farming of the governance token UME