EFT token 75,000 supply, yieldfarming at Uswap DEX

EFT is a TRC20 token based on the TRON network!

Uswap team listed their second governance token EFT at Jan 11th 2021, EFT farming on Jan 13th.

EFT was listed on Uswap.me on Jan 11th at $10 / EFT! With only 75,000 total supply EFT is the proprietary governance token to the Eclipcity ecosystem on TRON.

To farm EFT you need to have UME and provide liquidity to Uswap DEX to stake and farm EFT, see https://uswap.me/staking

See more details about EFT at -

Follow EFT on Twitter — https://twitter.com/finance_EFT

Provide liquidity to Uswap DEX to stake and earn EFT today!