UME has gone through a vote and the farming output has been reduced with 50% which was decided upon by the community.

The UME token on the Tron network is the native governance token used on the Uswap decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

UME is the only token needed to use our launch pad and participate in future Initial Dex offerings (IDO’s). …

The 4 million CORN has been distributed, what now?

The CORN token and DeFi farming game!

CORN was launched through IDO as an in-house token to the Uswap farmland games, an easy way for beginners to interact with DeFi and accumulate tokens, the total supply of CORN is 4 million and currently the last of the CORN is being farmed through the liquidity pools on

The Uswap NFT marketplace is constantly improving and the Uswap team will release the final V2 of the marketplace by 2021.

The UNM (Uswap NFT marketplace) has been under development for several months now running in BETA mode gaining a lot of attention from the TRON community, while having a fully functional marketplace running the Uswap team is working on a V2 of UNM.

New design, new layout, new features…

Exclusively on Uswap

On August 19th, 3pm CET the third IDO to be launched through Uswap IDO launchpad is the “CORN” token!

Total supply 4 million — IDO pre-sale 1 million!

CORN token summary:

- 4m max supply,

- 1 million presale / 0.1 UME per CRN

- To raise 100,000 UME,

- 50% burn and 50% liquidity

— — — — — —

- 100,000 CRN for ref program IDO

- 200,000 CRN for starting liquidity

- 2.7m CRN for farming / havesting pools

- Presale will last 3 hours, launching Thursday August 19th, 3pm CET

- Maximum buy 500 UME

- IDO tokens is frozen with a defrost of 1.5% daily starting from Aug 23rd.

- Launch of CORN token — Monday, August 23rd, 3pm CET
- Launch of the CORN DEFI game — Tuesday 24th, 3pm CET

Uswap dev team have taken 20,000 EFT out of circulation making sure that the total circulating supply will never exceed 55,000 EFT

Uswap dev team decided that the remaining 20,000 EFT that was intended for farming was to be taken out of circulation and sent it to a forever locked…

Uswap ecosystem on TRON

What Is the Uswap ecosystem? USWAP is a decentralized exchange (AMM) on TRON, an IDO launchpad, a NFT marketplace and yield-farming of the governance token UME

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